The Company Modern classic fabric designs on high quality pre-loved furniture, produced in England

With almost twenty five years design experience you can be assured that our work is meticulous and every piece we produce has excellence as standard. Our design inspirations can come from anywhere but each piece is unique, giving the customer the assurance that the design on their chair will never be seen anywhere else.

The fabrics we use are hard wearing but washable, and we use high quality antique (mainly pre 1970, sometimes as far back as the 1920s and 30s) chairs sourced from auctions and sales and checked for their sturdiness and use of robust hardwoods. Where we can we leave the original components of the piece intact, only replacing webbing, springs, padding and frame where absolutely necessary. If possible we only do minimal restoration to exposed areas of the original piece, such as legs, as we believe those signs of use and wear form part of the essential character of the item.

As well as selling many unique items we also undertake commissions - if you have a design you'd like to see on a chair then we can supply it onto fabric for you, or then upholster it onto a chair of yours, or supply the whole finished product.